Archway Homes is the design and development child of Archway Construction – a company renowned for delivering construction projects in Northampton’s education, residential and commercial sectors.


Our goal is not so much to build homes - but to enhance living.
An Archway home isn’t crammed with rooms.
An Archway Home comprises a series of living spaces –
where thoughtful design comes together with material excellence and meticulous workmanship.
These are our standards.
They are non-negotiable.


These qualities which we require of ourselves do not come with an unassailable price tag.
They come with an acute understanding of what home-owners demand –
a place to live, to grow and to call ‘home’. 


Anthony Perry – Director

Anthony’s expertise comes from years of hands-on experience in the construction industry, combined with extraordinary knowledge of the Development sector. Having joined with Brett Twelftree in establishing Archway Construction, Anthony now brings his know-how to Archway Homes.

Anthony enjoys considerable expertise in the realm of site/location sourcing and site appraisal. He works with a wide network of contacts - Planning Consultants, Architects, Lawyers, Finance Brokers. Anthony is also adept at obtaining relevant planning permissions. He is experienced and knowledgeable in the realm of Finance and Legal considerations, as well as Sales and Marketing.

Brett Twelftree – Director

Brett brings to the Archway team sixteen years of experience in the homes development sector. He has worked with and alongside some of the region’s most reputable building companies. He enjoys a wealth of industry knowledge. He is renowned for his Project Development and Delivery skills.

Brett is always remembered by customers for his commitment to world-class customer service, especially at handover time and also his dedication to after-sales care.